Future-proof your business with a secure digital solution

Virtual cards are a convenient, secure and cost-effective way to issue payments to your vendors, customers and employees.

Vasco Pay is ready to help you launch payment solutions that boost your business.

virtual cards

Improve your cash management

A quicker, cost-effective product

Cheaper to produce with instant issuance, virtual accounts are great for marketing campaigns for retailers, or disbursing employee incentive programs.

cash flow

More control over your cash flow

Improve your company’s cash management requirements and increase the efficiencies within your finance department.

Make it easier to pay

Virtual accounts are ideal for businesses looking to automate their supplier payment processes, or for the online shopper searching for a safer way to make a one-off payment.

fraud security

Safe and secure

Virtual accounts are single-use and  stored securely online, so you’ll never have to worry about card fraud or theft.

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