The world is going cashless. We can help your business get ready.

Vasco Pay can help get your new payment program up and running. No prior experience? No problem. We’re here with you every step of the way.

Reloadable Prepaid Card

An easy way to scale your business

  • Perfect for cash disbursements
    Electronic payments are made directly to your company's prepaid card giving the cardholder timely access to their money.
  • Efficiently manage day-to-day spending
    Save time and money while keeping control of your company's finances, or create products that help your customers better manage their spending.
  • An easier way to pay people
    Replace costly paper checks, vouchers and cash payouts with a safe and convenient prepaid card.
  • Great for salary packaging
    Disburse funds easily to your employees for their everyday expenses, while streamlining your payment process and improving accountability.
  • Increase customer loyalty
    Prepaid cards promote strong spending habits and keep customers coming back for more. Loyalty programs linked to your card are a proven way to increase everyday use and customer retention.

Virtual Accounts

Future-proofed payments

  • A quicker, cost-effective product
    Cheaper to produce and with instant issuance, the Virtual Accounts are great for marketing campaigns for retailers, or disbursing employee incentive programs.
  • More control over your cashflow
    Improve your company's cash management requirements and increase the efficiencies within your finance department.
  • Make it easier to pay
    Virtual accounts are ideal for businesses looking to automate their supplier payment processes, or for the online shopper searching for a safer way to make a once-off payment.

Gift Cards and Rewards

Increase customer loyalty and sales

  • A simple solution
    Gift and reward cards are simple yet effective tools for businesses and retailers looking for a cost-effective, tangible way to reward their customers or employees.
  • Influence buyer behaviour
    Increase your sales and revenue today by having your branded card used in-store or online, wherever Visa is accepted.
  • Keep your customers coming back
    Reward cards are tried and true way to increase brand loyalty, while offering enticing savings and rewards to your end user that encourage them to spend more.

Scheme (Bin) Sponsorship

Reach New Markets Quicker

  • Fast-track your payment solution
    Vasco Pay offers prepaid BIN (Bank Identification Numbers) sponsorship for companies who don’t have an issuing licence. BIN sponsorship simplifies the lengthy process of becoming a direct scheme member, and is a faster, more cost-effective way to market.
  • Visa-approved
    We offer full support for authorisation and clearing interfaces from the Visa scheme.
  • Completely compliant, right from the start
    We guide you through the compliance, certification and implementation of all your card products.
  • More ways to reach new customers
    Our prepaid cards support contactless payments, ATM access, online and in-store capabilities—however your customers choose to pay.

Curious About Cost?

Get in touch with us and discuss how we can provide you with a tailored payment solution.