How to get through your first few weeks of university

The big day is coming. Your time stepping into university. You’ll probably feel nervous yet excited at the same time. Questions will start to pop up in your head. How can I make new friends? Am I taking the right course? Here are some tips to make you feel more confident slaying through your first few weeks of uni!


Your campus could feel like a maze sometimes. Especially when you haven’t explore it and don’t know which way to go. Figuring out way around the nooks and crannies of your campus could take up plenty of your time. Before your first day, explore your campus first! See how to get to the building of your faculty and the routes to go to your orientation seminar.



Call it old-school, but sometimes you do still need to carry a pen and paper. Alternatively, bring your laptop, iPad or just your phone so you’re prepared when you have to jot down notes. Before the big day (first day at uni!), make sure you get enough rest so you’ll be physically prepared. Go to your campus with your heart, mind and eyes wide open and prepare yourself mentally for what’s to come.



Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Chances are your classmates are just as nervous as you are. Speak up and start a conversation! It’s always good to know that someone is on your side. Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher for guidance as well!



Your uni’s O-Week / O-Day is a perfect opportunity for you to network and find some new friends! There will be plenty of societies and organisations showcasing what they do. Find something that you’re interested in and bond over with other members and committees. (Chances are you’ll get heaps of freebies too!). Joining cultural societies can also be a really good way for you to feel like you’re right at home. It’s always a comforting feeling to speak with your mother tongue when you just moved to a new place and share experiences with fellow friends from your country.



In every uni, there should be a place where you can turn for help. Whether the name is info corner or stop 1, the name varies depending on which university you go. They are all here to help you in every situation. If you ever have any doubts or concerns regarding anything from academic to mental health, do talk to them as they can offer you the best solution.


International students also has the privilege of having university support. Find the International Students Support Office on your campus and you can consult about having a mentor, learning more about your student visa and even help with the English language if you’re having any struggles.  Last but not least, all you gotta do is enjoy! Embrace your nervousness and excitement. Let any bumps on the road be a lesson that you can learn from.


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