Finding the right accommodation for you

There are plenty of living arrangements that you can choose from when you’re moving to Australia. While looking for choices of accommodations is the easy part, finding the one that’s a perfect fit for you is the tricky part. Here are some points you should consider when choosing the right accommodation for you.



From location to types of accommodation, first you have to know what you need before finding the right place for you to live. Here are some burning questions you could think about when searching for an accommodation:


  1. Do you want to live by yourself or with others?
  2. What type of housing would suit you? An apartment? A student accommodation? A house?
  3. Is living near your university a top priority for you?
  4. Are you one who likes to live in the sleepless city or the quiet suburbs?
  5. How much are you willing to pay for your accommodation?

Sorting out your priorities will be your first step to finding a perfect accommodation to fit you!



You should know how much $$ you’re willing to spend for your accommodation. Depending on the location and whether you’re sharing your accommodation, leasing a place itself could cost from $200-$625 per week. If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side, you can try living at a share house or a student accommodation. Keep in mind that you still have to pay WiFi, water and electricity bills! Some student accommodation may look expensive but has covered everything, while private rentals (such as apartments) don’t have these expenses covered.



It’s always good to have a peace of mind knowing where you’ll be living when you move. If you’re looking to lease a place with a private rental, listings usually become available online a month before it is actually ready for you to move in to. If you have any relatives or friends living in the city you’re moving to, ask them to come an inspect the place for you. If not, make sure you have all the documents you need ready for you to submit for the rental application. If you’re looking for a student accommodation, you have to act fast and book a place before the semester starts as they’re pretty competitive.



If you’ve yet to find yourself a place to live, you can opt for a temporary living arrangement. You could consider hostels, hotels, serviced apartments, vacation rentals/airbnb as options for short term housing. To be safe, you should book up to 4 weeks to stay at your short term accommodation. Finding a more permanent place for you to stay could be tricky and could take up more time than you initially expect. Alternatively, you can also go to a homestay agency. At a homestay, you’ll be placed at a home with a family. To an extent, this is an easier alternative as there will be someone helping you to find a home. This could also be a cheaper option as well since some of the deals include meal plans.



Before signing your lease contract, make sure that the features inside your accommodation functions properly. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the little details when you’re too caught up in the bigger picture. Make sure little things such as kitchen appliances, proper heating/cooling unit, smoke alarm, door buzzer, light switch etc. are working correctly.


Especially in private rentals, it could really be competitive when it comes to who ends up getting the unit. Make sure that after you attend an inspection, you’re one click away to submitting your application. Meaning you’re ready with all of your necessary documents. Those documents consist of identification, bank statement, proof of income (or letter from parent confirming that they’re supporting you financially), references. Check again with your agent if they require anything else.




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