Australia, My Home Away From Home

Sherwood Chen
Melbourne University Student Ambassador


Unlike many of my peers, I had the thought of studying in Australia when I was in middle school. Since I was a little child, my dad told me a lot about Australia, such as its massive land area, spectacular natural environment and unique animal species. In addition, Australian schools and universities offer world class education, which makes Australia even more attractive. The next question comes into my mind is: which city should I choose for high school education? My parents consulted a few education agencies. In the end, we decided to choose Adelaide. You might not have heard of Adelaide, but the University of Adelaide is home to the most number of Nobel Prize winners in Australia!


The application process was smooth sailing with the help of an education agency. They assisted me with applying the school I wanted to attend, contacted the education department in Adelaide and sorted out my visa. Two months after receiving my student visa, I packed my bags and came to Australia on my own. As soon as I landed in Adelaide, I knew this would be an amazing experience.


Thanks to my solid foundation in the English language, I settled into my new school quite quickly. Upon arrival, I undertook an Intensive English program at my school to familiarise myself with the Australian education system and further improve my English. While studying in high school, I saw a lot of tennis courts around my school and tennis seemed to be a fun sport. I said to myself, “why not give it a go?”. I started playing tennis as a fresh newbie and I am so grateful that I did try it out! Until now it is still my favourite sport. In Australia, most sports facilities are open to public and all you need to do is to get started!


After graduating from high school, I moved to Melbourne to pursue my bachelor’s degree. I am currently majoring in Actuarial Studies at the University of Melbourne. The experience at university has been amazing. Apart from the excellent academic support I get from lecturers, tutors and peers, clubs and societies definitely have made my university experience very enjoyable and fulfilling! Presently, I am involved in the Australia China Youth Association committee. Being able to meet and work with people from diverse background is something I am passionate about. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have at university to develop myself as a well-rounded individual.


During the journey in Australia, I also travelled to a number of places such as Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Victor Harbour (South Australia) and the Grampians (Victoria). I was completely blown away by the spectacular views and the friendly Aussies. I can’t wait to explore more places that Australia has to offer!


Before finishing up my stories, I want to share something I learnt throughout my journey: Always give everything a go and be appreciative of what you have in your life!



Sherwood is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. He loves to play tennis, taste different types of cuisines and explore natural sceneries in Australia.


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