20 Ways Prepaid Cards Are Used

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When you think about a prepaid card, what comes to mind? You might be wondering if people still use prepaid cards in a day and age saturated by credit cards. You might be surprised to know that you actually carry a prepaid card in you pocket in the form of a travel, gift rewards or company expense card. Chances are, if you are living in Sydney, you are one of the 3.7 million people that own and actively use an Opal card for travel. We simply never think of the mechanics behind how this card, or other prepaid card works.

Here at Vasco Pay we think it is time to shine a light on the humble prepaid (or general purpose reloadable) card. We want to showcase the variety of ways prepaid cards have been powering payments for businesses, governments, and a wide variety of consumer initiatives.


General reloadable

Travel Cards
Campus Cards

Neo banks

Cards Teens

Open loop gift Cards



Meal Vouchers

Incentives and rebates

Healthcare and Insurance

Business Travel

Corporate Purchasing


​Public Benefit & Welfare Programs

Pension, Social Security


Disaster relief

Cash Managements

Payroll and Incentives

Emergency Assistance

Public Transport Cards

Program Management

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