19 Ways to Save in 2019

Is saving money one of your 2019 new year’s resolution? We’re with you. We’ve curated some top tips for budgeting that will help you save without dramatically changing your lifestyle!


  1. Create savings goals for the year for your top expenses of year e.g. holiday, home renovation, wedding etc.
  2. Embark on a 30-day challenge where you track every dollar you spend for a week to understand where your money is going towards. Apps like Wally will help you do this easily, and who knows, it may lead to a life-changing habit.
  3. Review, negotiate and shop around for the best deal on electricity, Internet and phone. We recommend reviewing your plans every 6 months.
  4. Check if your utility providers will allow you to pay in instalments e.g. fortnightly or monthly, instead of having to pay the whole bill in one go.
  5. Review your insurance premiums and deductibles on home, rental, health and car insurance.
  6. Have an emergency fund with one to 2 months’ worth of expenses.
  7. Audit your bank accounts to see how much fees you’re paying for e.g. account keeping, overdraft and late fees.
  8. Set aside your ‘play money’ to a reloadable prepaid card (hint: Vasco Pay) so you don’t blow the budget on your credit card.
  9. Buy clothes, toys, electronics, gifts etc. when they are on sale or off-season, rather than when you want it.
  10. When making a big purchase, do your research and compare the prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  11. Avoid impulse purchases by holding off for 24 hours to see if you really want it. If you’re online shopping, you can save the items and come back to it later.
  12. Sell your unwanted goods on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or host a good old garage sale.
  13. Cancel any memberships you don’t use e.g. gym, interest clubs and online subscriptions.
  14. Create a realistic budget based on your current income and expenses. Factor in debt repayment, saving and splurging.
  15. Organise your receipts to maximise your tax return deductions for the next year.
  16. Set up a savings account and have your pay transferred automatically so that you are not tempted to spend the money.
  17. Consolidate all your super funds into the one account. This guide shows you how.
  18. Calculate how many hours of work a purchase equates to.Take the amount of the item you’re considering purchasing and divide it by your hourly wage. If it’s a $200 pair of headphones and you make $20 an hour, consider whether it is worth 10 hours of work.
  19. Switch to Vasco Pay prepaid Visa card, which has no joining fees, no monthly fees, no transaction fees or overdraft charges.


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